How it feels??

Do you know how it feels??
How it feels to be a loner for years and then to be jaunty at once..
How it feels as to get the person back , u once thought will never meet …
How it feels to  feel joyous n rejoicing n charismatic  and feels like loosing yourself the other second..
How it feels to see yourself falling n failing n fearing n fading n forgetting…
How it feels when everything is slipping away.. ur time, ur people, ur love , ur dreams..
How it feels to see it all clouding and turning null once again, yes once again..
But this time it is much more difficult to hold on cling n clinch even if it’s hurting..
I’m much vulnerable then earlier.. much fragile..much psychotic !!

4 thoughts on “How it feels??”

  1. Yes, I know how it feels. I’ve been to that place. I would only like to say, to ppl who are facing such situation; that You’ll get through it, In_Shaa_Allah (if God is Willing) , But you HAVE TO keep believing and keep Praying…
    Keep yourself busy, in some constructive work, even if it means painting your house walls or fixing switches in the house or cleaning the house etc… ANYTHING that force you to use your mind a little and also gives you peace of mind.

    Like for me, I use to search for Motivational Quotes and Share it with my friends. That builds up and I’m now running this Blog to Inspire people, Just for my Inner satisfaction. GOD Bless you All Always. Ameen.
    May you All find your inspiration, Passion to live your life to the Fullest.. Ameen.

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    1. Thank u so much ambervantage…thanks for your support and suggestions…but it’s just a random thought that came to my mind .. nothing like a deep grief or something.


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